Mohit Dodwani

Managing Director

Being hard working, ambitious & sincere best describe
Mohit Dodwani. He constantly strives to upgrade himself with knowledge and share it with his students, while making music learning engaging and fun. He is a Musician & Educator who believes in doing & giving nothing but the best.

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Pankaj Dodwani


A talented Musician & French Language expert,
Pankaj Dodwani loves doing things as they’re called, out-of-the-box. His teaching philosophy is to be creative and understanding of each student’s unique abilities, while sharing a friendly rapport with them. Probably a secret to why his students end up loving his lessons, besides achieving highest marks in exams too.

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Piano lessons
A one instrument orchestra, the Piano is capable of tapping into one’s heart & soul and with abundance of joy, it’s excellent for the mind too.
French Lessons
Second only to English, French language is taught most widely across the globe. For reasons personal or professional, knowing the language of love can take you a long way ahead.
Music Concerts
Music is often streamed online but witnessing Live Music instills passion, inspiration & emotions beyond words. Klavier Academy has hosted several events contributing to the developing Music culture of Hyderabad.
Workshops / Masterclasses
Klavier Academy has invited world class Educators from around the world (London, New Zealand & more) to nurture and guide the budding Musicians in Hyderabad. Students, Parents & Music lovers participated enthusiastically.

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